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Industrial hemp seed production costs and returns in Alberta, 2015. 16 Alyssa, Fédrina 74, Felina 32, 34, Fibriko, Kompolti hybrid TC, UNIKO-8. Monoecious D. Total cash costs ( B + C - Unpaid Labour - Depreciation). 325.84. 0.30. 21 Nov 2016 Industrial Hemp Seed Production Costs and Returns in Alberta, 2015 Uniko B. Hungary. No. USO 14. Canada (Ukraine). Yes. USO 31. Plant material. Four hemp varieties representing different life cycles and bred for either fiber or seed were chosen for this study. Varieties Uniko-. B and Kompolti  Cannabis sativa L. A Top of the male plant with inflorescences; B Inflorescence of the female Kompolti Hybrid TC and Uniko B exhibited significantly higher. (2) Industrial Hemp Plant Breeder, Industrial Hemp Seed Development Company (Kenex Ltd.), 0.74% respectively; Unico B had a level of 0.36% in field. 1.

HEMP FOR HEALTH. Hemp is second to none when talking about nutrition. Nothing else on the planet packs such a complete source of protein, essential fatty acids (EFAs) and carbohydrates in such a small package. If you are looking for Nature's perfect wonder food, you've found it and it is hemp seed.

19 Feb 2008 (b) Hemp varieties authorised in the marketing year 2008/2009 UNIKO-B. Zenit (1). EN. L 44/10. Official Journal of the European Union. 20.2. 2 Mar 2017 ABSTRACT. Humans and the Cannabis plant share an intimate history spanning millennia. “Uniko-B” is the progeny of “Kompolti” crossed  Uniko B - Industrial Hemp Seed Exchange UNIKO-B has high seed production capacity in F1 generation, because of the dominance of female plants and the F2 generation can be used only for fibre production. Its stem yield is very good: 10-11 t/ha as well as its fibre content (28-31%).

29 Jan 2019 (3) Authorize the growing of hemp as a legal, agricultural. 19 activity in this 27; Silesia; UC-RGM; Uniko B; Yvonne; and Zolotonosha 15. 4.

Alyssa - Industrial Hemp Seed Exchange Made by Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers. Related posts: CFX-1 CFX-2 CRS-1 Canda 工业大麻_百度百科

Hemp seed super food. Hemp seeds are a rich source of Omega 3-6 fatty acids and has high protein value. It can grow next to everywhere on the world.

The energy yield of hemp for both solid biofuel and biogas production proved Cultivated areaa. Biomass. [ha]. [Mg]. Hemp. Direct combustion. 829. 4,700b Uniko B fibre dioecious. Hungary medium. 1969 x x x x. Uniko-B (F1) fibre. 15 Mar 2019 (2) The department will send the full Montana State Hemp License for the USO 31, Uniko B, VC Star, Victoria, Villanova, Wojko, X-59 (Hemp  Our standard 10ml Hempture Hemp oil contains 300MG of Organic CBD extract, and Kompolti hybrid TC Felina 34 Uso 31 Kompolti Ferimon Lipko UNIKO-B  21 Jul 2009 2 gynoecious. Uniko B. 3. 17. VG Plant: number of primary lateral branches. NL : to be deleted, as this characteristic is sensitive to plant density. Stellingen behorend bij het proefschrift "Diversity in Cannabis" door Etienne de. Meijer 1990). Other hybrids are 'Uniko-B',. 'B-7' and 'Kinai Uniszex'. 'Uniko-B'. Uniko-B. SC hybrid (F1 Unisexual, F2 dvoudomá) velmi dobré v F1 velmi vysoký. 27 dobrý. 19-20. <0,2. Kompolti. Hybrid-TC. TC hybrid (SC unisexual) dobrý. 19 Feb 2008 (b) Hemp varieties authorised in the marketing year 2008/2009 UNIKO-B. Zenit (1). EN. L 44/10. Official Journal of the European Union. 20.2.